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We provide a small group of elite dancers, preprofessionals, and professionals with the best guidance from the best teachers. Our years in the professional world of ballet, and our years of teaching at the best ballet studios and schools, mean we will  guide and refine you to prepare you for a professional career.


We teach a diversity of styles and wide range of different ballet techniques, such us Balanchine, Vaganova, and Bournonville, to nurture and guide our students to a future full of versatility and possibility.

Elite small groups taught by the best.


We know you're tired of being in Zoom classes with so many students that you feel as if no one is seeing you.

We see you.

We teach you by keeping our classes small.

We focus fully on each and every student.

We've been where you are. We've risen through the ranks, dreaming big, and planning for the future. Because we know what you're going through, we are passionate about encouraging you to be your best. To empower you to be the best person and dancer you can be.

Now we've taken our years of performing experience and our years of classroom teaching to the next level: small, focused, advanced classes zooming right into your home.

It's our job to teach you the fundamentals, the repertoire. And it's also our job to encourage you to keep growing, keep taking those chances, keep believing in yourself.

Working hard to be the best you can be is part of what makes ballet so wonderful. The thrill of working hard to perfect just that one step, that one piece. It's what you take with you every step of your life, wherever you are and whatever you do. Knowing your own excellence may be the ultimate power. The joy of performing when you know you did your best. It's magic.

Come join with us as we take you to the next level of excellence.

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